5 Features That Will Take Your Outdoor Kitchen up a Notch

When you have an outdoor kitchen in Florida, you can cook and enjoy the year-round sunshine and great weather. But, you can make your outdoor kitchen unique and more functional than ever with these 5 features! If you’re looking for convenience, efficiency, and great memories, these features will be sure to take your outdoor kitchen up a notch. A pizza oven can provide an interactive cooking experience while producing delicious pizza and more. With a refrigerator, you will make perishables more accessible to use while cooking. Adding a dishwasher to your outdoor kitchen can make cleaning up easy. Adding a sink to your outdoor kitchen can allow you to prepare food outside and make the cleanup easier. Lastly, a stove lets you cook stovetop food outside rather than having to travel indoors to do so.

1. Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are a unique feature that can take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. Pizza ovens can be set to high temperatures and are designed to make the crust crispy and the flavors of the pizza come to life. The result is an efficiently made, delicious-tasting pizza. Pizza ovens can also be a great way to make memories and have fun with friends because they offer a unique and interactive cooking experience. Not only that, but they can add value to your property. With an outdoor kitchen, your property automatically goes up in value. However, with a pizza oven, it makes yours stand out more than other outdoor kitchens.

You can cook more than just pizza in pizza ovens! You can make anything from bread to meats to vegetables.

2. Refrigerator

Refrigerators make your outdoor kitchen more convenient by making perishables easier to access and store while cooking outside. Rather than having to travel indoors for items from the fridge, it can be within arm’s reach. It can also provide convenience for the company that you’re hosting: they can get cold drinks and snacks right from the outdoor refrigerator. A refrigerator is a common feature because of the efficiency and convenience it adds to your outdoor kitchen.

3. Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen can make a world of a difference during the cleanup. Rather than having to carry the dirty dishes inside to be washed, you can simply put them in the outdoor dishwasher after they’re used. It can also be handy if you’re ever hosting a large event that generates a lot of dirty dishes. Instead of having just one dishwasher, you’ll have two!

4. Sink

Sinks can make using your outdoor kitchen more convenient and save yet another trip inside. With one, you can rinse off ingredients and prepare the meal just as you would inside. It can make the outdoor kitchen as functional as the indoor kitchen. Guests and you can wash your hands before the meal with the outdoor sink, and cleanup is easier afterward.

5. Stove

A stove is another feature that can make your outdoor kitchen unique as most have a grill, but not a lot have stoves. They let you cook stovetop food while grilling, rather than going inside to cook. This keeps a natural flow and adds to the functionality of your outdoor kitchen. It’s a unique feature and can make cooking outside as easy and convenient as it is indoors.

We install outdoor kitchens that can be equipped with all of these features! Call us to schedule a consultation.

At Deck & Drive, we install high-quality outdoor kitchens that can be equipped with any feature! A pizza oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, sink, and stove are all features that will make your brand new outdoor kitchen stand out against the rest, and we can add all of these – and more to your outdoor kitchen. With these features, your outdoor kitchen will be a popular spot to cook and make memories. If you want an outdoor kitchen installed on your property, we are the company to call! We happily serve residential and commercial properties in and around the Boynton Beach, FL area, including Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Call us at (561) 330-8100 to schedule a consultation!

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