Step Installation in & Around Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, & Boca Raton, FL

Our custom outdoor steps will make more of your property usable and accessible.

Outdoor steps can be both a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscape. Our team at Deck & Drive can build the perfect steps to match your outdoor living space. We have been designing and installing custom outdoor steps for property owners in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas in Florida since 2006. Our outdoor step design and installation process is broken down into 12 steps to ensure that everything is done correctly. We offer completely customizable options for your outdoor steps and end every installation with a walkthrough to ensure that our execution is flawless. Call us at (561) 330-8100 today for a consultation about your custom outdoor steps.

We offer completely customized outdoor steps.

Our number one goal is that you end up with outdoor steps that you absolutely love. That is why our outdoor steps are completely customizable to meet your needs and style preferences. Our landscaping experts can help you choose the best materials for your outdoor steps. We will also take into consideration the aesthetic of your existing outdoor living space; this allows us to design outdoor steps that will blend seamlessly into your landscape.

Our outdoor step design and installation process includes 12 different steps.

From design to preparation to installation to cleanup, we break down our entire design and installation process and work step-by-step to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Planning: We will determine how we are going to approach the project in order to meet your needs.

Removal: We will remove anything in the way of your new outdoor steps.

Preparation: We will remove or add dirt and apply the foundation of your outdoor steps.

Materials mobilization: We will ensure that the right materials are in the right place at the right time.

Core setting: We will lay and set the materials that can be laid without requiring custom cuts.

Complex setting: We will focus on the intricate, complicated, and customized parts of the installation.

Placement finalizing: We will ensure that every part of your outdoor steps is in its proper place.

Custom setting: We will complete tasks such as constructing planter boxes, installing coping, and refacing your outdoor steps.

Final applications: We will apply any finishing touches and complete any unfinished tasks.

Walkthrough: A member of our management team will ensure that everything was done correctly.

Cleanup: We will properly clean and seal your outdoor steps so they are protected from the elements.

Customer satisfaction: A member of our customer success team will ensure that you approve of the final product before we end the project.

We wrap up our outdoor step installation with a walkthrough.

After your custom outdoor steps have been installed, we conduct a thorough walkthrough of the finished product. During this walkthrough, a member of our management team double checks everything and ensures that all tasks were completed to the highest level of perfection. You can trust us to make sure that your new outdoor steps are as perfect as you dreamed they would be.

Our team at Deck & Drive has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2007!

Call our landscaping experts to design and install your custom outdoor steps!

Outdoor steps are a great way to make more of your property usable and accessible. Our landscaping experts at Deck & Drive will work with you to design and build custom outdoor steps that are both practical and beautiful. We have been providing high-quality landscaping services to property owners in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and nearby communities in Florida since 2006. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent quality, service, installation, and design every single time. If you are interested in flawlessly executed custom outdoor steps, call us at (561) 330-8100 today for a consultation!

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“Installers were extremely professional, neat and timely. Company did a great job with the installation. Highly recommend.”

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“In addition to having professional crews, the office staff at the Deck & Drive went above and beyond in terms of helpfulness and politeness. If I could, I would give it ten stars and have saved their phone number for future employment; I appreciate Deck and Drive. They finished the entire job in a single morning and within the same week as the estimate, and they did great work. 5.0 stars!”

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