Month: February 2022


Though the attractive, iconic, ornamental pavilion structure known as the gazebo (also commonly known as a “rotunda”) is most commonly associated with public parks and outdoor event venues due to its architectural vibrancy, there is no reason not to have your very own in your home outside the home. It is truly a terrific addition to any outdoor space, especially 

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A cooler is a must-have in any backyard. For lounging, for a cookout, for a get together, for a home outside the home “tailgate”, you’ve got to have at least one cold stash (that isn’t your fridge) that you can reliably count on. After all, who isn’t trying to keep their food and beverage situation cool? Especially in South Florida, 

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Nothing beats getting some much-needed rest like kicking back and relaxing in a nice, comfortable hammock. Thankfully, for us South Floridians, outdoor hammock season is year-round. We get it. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to outdoor hammocks. However, when it comes to swaying, swinging, and lounging to the max, there are definitely some standouts that 

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Outdoor Infrared Saunas

Outdoor infrared saunas are a great addition to any backyard, perfect for any homeowner looking to really take advantage of their outdoor space in order maximize their health and wellness. A bit pricier than their indoor counterparts (they require more materials), outdoor infrared saunas require sufficient power (to heat up quickly), are made from waterproof, humidity-resistant solid wood, always have 

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