Here’s Why You Should Use Pavers for Your Next Hardscaping Project

In Florida, it can seem difficult to pick a material for your next hardscaping project that will withstand our tumultuous weather. However, the simple answer is that pavers are the perfect material option! Pavers are low maintenance, as they only need to be cleaned and sealed once a year to keep them looking brand new. Repairs are easy because you can repair a single paver without disturbing the pieces around it. And, of course, who could forget to mention the versatility of pavers? They give tons of space for creativity by coming in many different types like concrete, natural stone, porcelain, and more as well as being able to be laid in different patterns.

Pavers are low maintenance, only requiring one cleaning and sealing service per year.

Because of their durability and resilience, pavers are extremely low-maintenance materials to use in a hardscaping project. The only maintenance they need is an annual cleaning and sealing service. This will thoroughly clean off any dirt or debris that has collected on the paver over the months and seal in the spotless finish with a specialized paver lacquer. With this in place, your paver will be in the best position possible to withstand all the challenges over the year!

Professional paver sealant will be formulated to help protect your pavers against UV sun rays, weeds, mold, chips, and more.

Repairs can be done on individual pavers so you don’t need to uproot the entire project.

As they face the elements over time, pavers can break, shift, crack, and more and will eventually need repairs. You’ll thank yourself for choosing pavers when that time comes! Since your overall project will consist of many individual pavers, that also means the issue is usually localized to one small area or even just one paver. So if one paver or section develops an issue, you only need to repair the affected pieces rather than having to uproot the entire hardscape and start over, as you would with some other materials. For this reason, paver repairs are not only easy, but also time-effective!

Pavers are versatile, coming in many styles that can be arranged in different patterns.

Pavers can let you unlock your creativity and express your personal style through the look of your hardscape project. There are nearly endless possibilities for the paver style you can go with, including:

  • Concrete: These are perfect for a clean look that doesn’t pull away too much attention from the surrounding landscape.
  • Natural stone: Natural stone will bring a more rustic aesthetic to your landscape.
  • Porcelain: Porcelain pavers will elevate your hardscape with a sophisticated, stylish feel.
  • … and more!

In addition to all the different types and colors pavers come in, they can be arranged in nearly every pattern you can think of! Common styles include stacked bond, herringbone, basketweave, and many subtypes within those categories to create as busy or simple of a pattern as you like. This degree of versatility allows you to create a hardscape project with a paver design that perfectly complements the rest of your property!

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