Hardscape Design & Installation in Wellington, FL

Our projects go through an intense 12-step process to ensure perfection!

The city of Wellington, FL is rich with opportunities to have unique experiences, whether you’re interested in art, animals, or just enjoy catching the sun at the beach. Lion County Safari is a great way to get up close and personal with animals from other continents, and the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is nearby, offering incredible professional and cultural productions in the region. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for things to do in and around Wellington!

We love serving the people in Wellington! Our team provides professional hardscape design and installation services to commercial and residential property owners in Wellington and nearby cities, including installations of stunning patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and much more. Call us today at (561) 330-8100 to get a quote on your next project!

Our team can design and install fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, and more!

To add some warmth to your property, we offer fire pit installations that can be as personalized as you like! We offer pre-designed kits or can work with you to create a custom design.

We can design and install a retaining wall that not only helps prevent soil erosion and other issues but also matches the aesthetic of your property – the best of both worlds!

Ensure that your pool deck is ready to weather the summer activity with our pool deck installations! We use durable materials that look great and offer several design options, colors, textures, and patterns, so there’s something for everyone.

One of the best investments you can make is in a nice patio installation. It’ll increase your property value and provide you with a wonderful space to enjoy the fresh air with your guests!

Our team can design and install outdoor steps that blend in seamlessly with your landscape so that even if your property has varying levels, it’s still easy to traverse!

To keep guests from trampling on your grass, and to make your property more accessible for those that may have difficulty walking over uneven terrain, check out our walkway installations.

Your driveway is one of the first things guests will see, so make it a good first impression! Our team can design and install a driveway that perfectly suits your property.

We can help you step up your lawn game with our artificial turf installations, giving you the stunning, low-maintenance lawn of your dreams!

To keep your hardscapes beautiful year-round, we offer paver repairs as well as cleaning and sealing services!

We offer hardscape cleaning and sealing services to keep your hardscapes in great condition year-round! We’ll start with using tools to remove any dirt, grime, and debris from the surface of your hardscape, clean the area, and apply our professional-grade concrete sealant! We offer this for pavers, walkways, pool decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and driveways.

If you ever run into pavers that have broken, cracked, shifted, or otherwise don’t look as they should, we can help with our paver repairs! We’re able to either repair your damaged paver or replace it if it can’t be saved so that your hardscape looks good as new.

Call us today to schedule any of our professional hardscape design and installation services!

At Deck & Drive, we value hard work, dedication, and uniqueness. These guiding lights help us to stay diligent about the quality of work that we do while always bringing creativity to the table to produce something that’s a perfect fit for you and your property. Every part of our projects is done in-house by our team of professionals, so you never have to worry about seeing anyone at your property that hasn’t been vetted by our high standards. Our services are available to commercial and residential property owners in Wellington, FL and nearby cities. If you’re in the area and ready to step up your property, call our team today at (561) 330-8100 to schedule any of our professional hardscape design and installation services!

Customer Reviews

You don’t need to take our word alone when it comes to the quality of our services. Take a look at what many of our happy customers have had to say about their experiences with Deck & Drive:

“Installers were extremely professional, neat and timely. Company did a great job with the installation. Highly recommend.”

Jayme G.

“In addition to having professional crews, the office staff at the Deck & Drive went above and beyond in terms of helpfulness and politeness. If I could, I would give it ten stars and have saved their phone number for future employment; I appreciate Deck and Drive. They finished the entire job in a single morning and within the same week as the estimate, and they did great work. 5.0 stars!”

Robart A.

“Great experience from start to finish! Great communication throughout the job. Love how it all turned out!”

Risa T.
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