Fire Pit Cleaning & Sealing Service in Boynton Beach, FL & Nearby Areas Like Delray Beach & Boca Raton

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Although they’re very durable, pavers need maintenance too! With proper maintenance, you’ll increase the longevity and improve the appearance of your pavers for years to come – that’s where we come in! Our 9-step fire pit cleaning and sealing service will accomplish this, restoring your pavers to prime condition and sealing them so they’re protected from future damage. We use a specially-crafted sealant to ensure the best results so your pavers have top-of-the-line protection!

At Deck & Drive, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality results. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and it’s with this guiding light that we’ve been able to serve customers in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and nearby cities in Florida for 16 years. Call us today at (561) 330-8100 so we can serve you next!

Our 9-step cleaning and sealing process restores and protects your fire pit pavers.

To ensure that our fire pit cleaning and sealing service is at its best every time, we have developed a 9-step process that makes certain we don’t miss a thing. Our system not only restores your pavers to prime condition from any dirt and grime picked up along the way, but also grants full-coverage protection to your fire pit. At the end of it, your fire pit will look good as new and be protected from future damage!

Our 9-step process is:

Step 1: Remove all obstructions around the fire pit

Step 2: Clear out any moss and weeds

Step 3: Saturate the fire pit paver surface

Step 4: Mix up a mild cleaning solution and apply

Step 5: Rinse away the cleaning solution

Step 6: Allow pavers to dry, then re-sand

Step 7: Apply paver sealer, starting at the edges and working inwards

Step 8: Apply two coats of sealer

Step 9: Allow to dry, then replace furniture around the fire pit

With this process as our guide, our team is thorough and detail-oriented when cleaning and sealing, leaving no stone unturned and no part of the paver unprotected.

We pay dedicated attention during our sealing process to protect your grass, plants, and pool from the product.

We formulated a professional-grade sealant to create long-lasting protection for your fire pit pavers.

You deserve nothing but the best, and when we found the best wasn’t good enough, we created something that was. We formulated our own Deck & Drive proprietary sealant to ensure your pavers are getting top-of-the-line care. This professional-grade concrete sealing solution was specially crafted to produce optimal results for pavers like those in your fire pit! It’ll provide long-lasting protection against additional wear and tear from the elements!

We recommend scheduling our cleaning and sealing service at least once a year to prevent extensive damage to your pavers and keep them in top condition!

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At Deck & Drive, we pride ourselves on never losing sight of what’s most important: our clients. We focus on delivering quality service, attention to detail, and creativity in every job we do. We believe that these values are the recipe to client satisfaction, and our clients in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and surrounding communities in Florida seem to agree! We perform several highly-rated services including fire pit cleaning and sealing to make certain that you can enjoy your fire pit for years to come. Call us today at (561) 330-8100 to schedule your service!

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