We design and install hardscapes for properties in Limestone Creek, FL.

Our 12-step installation process ensures that we exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

Limestone Creek is a census-designated place located in Palm Beach County, FL. If you’re looking to relax, Limestone Creek offers parks and even a natural area where you can walk the trails and get some fresh air. This suburb is a short drive to the bustling city of West Palm Beach, where you can check out the Norton Museum of Art, go on a food tour, and say “hi” to the animals at McCarthy’s Wildlife!

Our team is proud to offer our hardscaping services to the commercial and residential properties in Limestone Creek. We can design, install, repair, clean, and seal your hardscapes! Our 12-step installation process will leave you more than satisfied when our work is done.

We use a 12-step process to install hardscapes like patios, fire pits, pool decks, and more.

For all of our hardscape installation services, we follow a meticulous 12-step process that takes us from the consultation all the way to the final walkthrough. First, we plan out the project and determine if we need to use equipment or work by hand. We also discuss what portions of the installation will require extra attention. From there, the installation can begin. We’ll prep the area by removing anything that is in the way, adding or removing dirt, and applying the base. Then, we’ll lay the material. We’ll wrap up the installation by adding sand or mud in the creases and securing the pavers with edging if needed.

Once the installation portion of the project is finished, we’ll have a member of our management team walk the job to ensure everything is up to par. Once we get the okay, we’ll gather up the equipment and, if requested, perform our clean and seal service to protect your new pavers. Lastly, we’ll perform the “closeout” portion of the project, which is when we connect with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Below is a list of hardscapes that our team can install on your property in Limestone Creek, FL:

Cross lawn mowing off of your to-do list forever by scheduling our artificial turf installation service!

Give your pavers TLC through our cleaning, sealing, and repair services.

We are experts when it comes to pavers! We not only know how to install pavers, but we can also repair them. One of the great benefits of pavers is that, if one spot cracks, chips, or breaks, we can remove the affected pavers and replace them. No need to uproot the entire hardscape to fix just one spot! This saves time and, of course, money.

While we can fix broken pavers, it is obviously ideal if they never break in the first place! Our cleaning and sealing service can help significantly reduce the chances of your pavers needing a repair. We can perform this service directly after installation and once annually as a refresh. We’ll remove all the dirt and grime from your pavers, clean them with detergent, and seal them with our professional-grade concrete sealant. This sealant will thoroughly protect them from the natural elements that we typically experience here in Limestone Creek.

Call us to schedule a consultation for our hardscape installation services.

We have been designing, installing, repairing, cleaning, and sealing hardscapes in Limestone Creek, FL since 2006. Our team is passionate about helping you bring your dream outdoor living space into a reality. Our quality assurance efforts and 12-step installation process will ensure that you are left completely satisfied with the end result of your project. If your home or business is located in Limestone Creek, give us a call today at (561) 330-8100 to set up a consultation for our hardscape services!

Customer Reviews

You don’t need to take our word alone when it comes to the quality of our services. Take a look at what many of our happy customers have had to say about their experiences with Deck & Drive:

“Great experience from start to finish! Great communication throughout the job. Love how it all turned out!”

Risa T.

“In addition to having professional crews, the office staff at the Deck & Drive went above and beyond in terms of helpfulness and politeness. If I could, I would give it ten stars and have saved their phone number for future employment; I appreciate Deck and Drive. They finished the entire job in a single morning and within the same week as the estimate, and they did great work. 5.0 stars!”

Robart A.

“Installers were extremely professional, neat and timely. Company did a great job with the installation. Highly recommend.”

Jayme G.
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