Driveway Installation in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 

At Deck & Drive, we understand that a driveway is more than just a path to your home—it’s a statement of style and a major component of your property’s curb appeal. As a trusted local driveway installer, we help transform homes in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, with custom paver driveways. 

Choosing Your Concrete Paver Driveway 

A cracked or dull driveway can detract from the beauty of your home in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL. At Deck & Drive, we are committed to providing you with a driveway that reflects the pride you take in your property. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in the installation of high-quality, durable paver driveways. We offer a diverse selection of premium paver options, including: 

  • Travertine: Offers a timeless and classic look. 
  • Marble: Adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. 
  • Porcelain: Known for its durability and modern appeal. 
  • Old Chicago: Provides a rustic, vintage charm. 
  • Clay: Perfect for a traditional and earthy aesthetic. 
  • Brick: Versatile and enduring, suitable for many styles. 

Working With Our Driveway Installers 

At Deck & Drive, our goal is to ensure you are completely happy with the work that we do. From beginning to end, we have your satisfaction in mind. We want you to love your new driveway installation! 

Getting started is easy. First, schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your vision and driveway needs. Then, receive a custom design and detailed quote that fits your preferences and budget. And finally, enjoy your new concrete paver driveway for years to come. 

Schedule Your Consultation Today 

Don’t let an old or unattractive driveway diminish your home’s appeal. Investing in a paver driveway installation not only enhances your property’s look but also adds value. At Deck & Drive, we take pride in our work and strive to exceed your expectations. 

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL. 

Customer Reviews

You don’t need to take our word alone when it comes to the quality of our services. Take a look at what many of our happy customers have had to say about their experiences with Deck & Drive:

“Great experience from start to finish! Great communication throughout the job. Love how it all turned out!”

Risa T.

“Installers were extremely professional, neat and timely. Company did a great job with the installation. Highly recommend.”

Jayme G.

“In addition to having professional crews, the office staff at the Deck & Drive went above and beyond in terms of helpfulness and politeness. If I could, I would give it ten stars and have saved their phone number for future employment; I appreciate Deck and Drive. They finished the entire job in a single morning and within the same week as the estimate, and they did great work. 5.0 stars!”

Robart A.
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